The Realization

I remember the first time I fell in Love . Up until that point, I never believed in love; neither could I comprehend the idea of ‘True Love’, let alone finding it.

It was such a strange yet comforting feeling to know that my heart was beating in perfect symphony with another. I never understood why out of the multitude, a person would consciously pick one. Now I get it.

Loving someone isn’t about finding the perfect one, it is about finding that person who through their imperfection you find peace.

Love is the reason.

Marriage is the promise.

And Peace is the bond.

That, no matter what happens in this life or the next, you will stand by the person you have chosen through thick and thin.

It’s okay to be scared; even anxious about what the future may bring. However, working with us means that even if tough times come or things get down or your celebrating your 10th wedding anniversary you will always have a visual reminder of why you chose to say ‘I do’.

Your story is unique and with this in mind, we promise you a unique approach to your narrative using YOUR love as a foundation for our creation.

Now you know a little about us, we would like to get to know you.


Account Manager
Salimot Rabiu
Operations Guru
Tobi Ajayi
Fola Abatan
Emmanuel Menson
Digital Media Manager
Folahanmi Awoyemi
Marketing Manager
Tatenda Matinde
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What does XW stand for

About 5/6years ago we began our journey as a music charity organisation called ‘Xtreme Worshippers’ which was founded to help music enthusiasts within the ages of 11-25 learn to play music through our YouTube videos. The project itself was funded by a number of American music companies who saw the beauty in what we were doing. Following that experience, we soon realised that we had a particular passion for film making and later transitioned into filming documentaries

How do we go about booking you guys for our wedding day and what are your processes?

Our approach to weddings and film making in general stems from a school of thought which is narrative based. We pride ourselves in our style of documentary film making which requires a unique attention to detail and a peculiar drive to finding the ‘story’. We are not a wedding film factory; we work on a very limited amount of projects per year which gives us the flexibility to gather as much content for the 25Min Documentary-short we deliver back to our clients.

After consultation almost 83% of couples agree to proceed to the next stage which is a 50% deposit to confirm the event. The remaining 50% is paid within 3 Working days after the wedding which helps our clients to be more flexible financially as they prepare for the big day.

Does your package include all destination wedding expenses?

Unfortunately, it does not and this is due to the fact that some countries require more financial investments for transportation, accommodation and flight than others. Please contact us for more information

How come you guys don’t have packages

When we began our journey, our services were package based just like every other vendor within the industry. However, we soon realised that this was extremely counterproductive to our service and detrimental to the final product. Coming out from this experience we then decided to design a single proposal style document which would include a breakdown of our products and services alongside an amalgamated price.  With this price we will be able to retain a consistent quality of work with all our clients.

Does your package accommodate drone use?

Unfortunately, our production proposals do not include drone usage because not every wedding requires it.   Additionally, there are several variables such as weather and health/ safety that may restrict its usage.

Do you have a list of recommended Wedding Vendors?

Yes We do! Kindly Drop us a message through our contact page and a member of our team will be more than happy to help

How Long till we receive the final edit

We aim to deliver a final edit within 10 weeks after the wedding even if it means sleepless nights in the cutting room!